Trustee Education

Trustees for Louisiana public retirement systems must annually receive at least eight hours of investment training, four hours of actuarial science information education, two hours of education regarding the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to his system, and two hours of instruction on fiduciary duty and ethics. (LSA - R.S. 11:185)

Actuarial Science

Basics of Actuarial Liability Calculations - Greg M. Curran

Actuarial Potpourri – Brad Heinrichs and Shelley Johnson

A Different Spin on Pension Funding - Brad Heinrichs

Fiduciary Duty and Ethics

Ethics Training for Public Servants and Elected Officials Online Course
(two separate courses – 1 hour each – requires registration)


Fundamentals of Fixed Income - Emily Becker of Orleans Capital Management

Markets: Past, Present and Future – Bobby Beale and Laney Sanders

Laws, Rules and Regulations

Open Meetings & Public Records – Tina Grant & Steve Stark, LASERS